About Tidy Turf

Since 1998, Tidy Turf has been providing bay area customers with professional, reliable pet waste removal. Over the years, Tidy Turf has developed a truly diverse clientele ranging from standard sized residential properties to celebrity estates, from dog parks to dog kennels and everything in between.

Important Service
The service we provide is simple yet very important. Tidy Turf comes to your home and we remove the pet waste from your yard. We also will remove any hazardous material  ie, nails, glass, bottle caps...that can be dangerous to your pet.

Why Tidy Turf?
Why would anyone pay Tidy Turf to clean up after their dogs? Simply put, there are many chores people dislike doing and nobody wants to clean up dog poop! Busy dog owners are delighted to have someone else perform this very necessary chore.

Promoting Health
At Tidy Turf, our goal is to promote a clean and healthy environment for both pets and their owners. Left to accumulate, dog waste ruins the appearance of property and attracts disease-carrying pests and yellow jackets, not to mention endangering the health of your pets and family. It is tracked into your home by pets and people, as well as the fact no one wants to garden, BBQ, or play around dog waste.

Contact Tidy Turf at (800) 989-9667 to discuss your individual need for our pet services.